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"The Way You Make Me Feel"

Love feels… Wow, so good and scary. Truly a pool of mixed emotions but finding the one who loves you back with pure intentions, makes all the nervousness worth it.
As ambitious and sure as I am when going after the things I want in my life, love makes me feel so shy..
Just thinking of MY Love makes me blush….

"Talkin' W/ My Hands"

My hands have been the softest at my strongest...and the most powerful at my weakest... My hands? Are a story of protection...
To anyone who has robbed someone of their innocence & purity, you will never win... & this middle finger is for YOU!


"These days, I love myself more and more everyday. I'm grateful...took me a minute to learn how to pour into myself just as much as I pour into others you know? Learn to focus on myself...and be INFAMOUS...
Baller, Artist, Comedian, Model now too I suppose..."


“The past two years were a lot for me.. I had to relearn how to love me in all that I am. Depression thought it would win, but my faith has other plans.
So when you see my smile, know that it’s a part of the recipe to embracing Von , and not hiding her beauty but showing it off…”

"While You Can Smell Them..."

"We Outside!"